Ohio Diagnostic Lab Requests Owners Submit Aborted Fetuses, Deceased Foals

By Sarah Hogwood

As Ohio veterinarians try to understand and determine what might be affecting foals in the Ohio River Valley, the number of foals and fetuses available for testing by the diagnostic lab is no greater than normal. Sheila Grimes, DVM, PhD, Pathology Section Head for the Ohio Department of Agriculture's Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory, recommends that horse owners submit aborted fetuses and deceased foals with the placenta for testing.

In addition, she recommends that owners should submit pasture samples so that any problematic endophytes or mycotoxins can be identified. Owners and veterinarians can reach the Ohio Dept. of Agriculture, Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory, at 8995 E. Main St., Reynoldsburg, OH 43068; 614/728-6220.