Kentucky Diagnostic Center Fetal/Foal Loss Update, 5/19

By Kimberly S. Graetz

As of noon today, May 19, the syndromes that hit Kentucky the hardest on Derby Day are slowing, but still persisting on Preakness Day. With the addition of 11 aborted/stillborn equine fetuses/foals (two early-term and nine late-term) submitted to the Kentucky Livestock Disease Diagnostic Center in Lexington, the total since April 28 has reached 508.

While a majority of these fetuses/foals are Thoroughbreds, there are a many other breeds that have been affected in Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and possibly Tennessee. However, it should be noted that most early fetal losses are not found or are not taken to the Diagnostic Center, and not all late-term abortion foals -- Thoroughbred or other breeds -- have been submitted for testing.