University of Kentucky Briefing 5/19; Info Line Created

University of Kentucky Briefing 5/19; Info Line Created

The UK College of Agriculture has been posting informational briefs on the university web site at Following is today's briefing:

The scientific investigation continues. Numerous farm visits were made by scientists on Friday to further evaluate field and pasture characteristics. Laboratory analysis of samples continues.

In the recommendations posted to our web-site on May 16 from the Kentucky Association of Equine Practitioners (KAEP), veterinarians are requested to submit feed concentrate and manure samples for mares with both normal deliveries and Mare Reproductive Loss Syndrome. These samples should be frozen and delivered to the University of Kentucky Livestock Disease Diagnostic Center to the attention of Dr. Kyle Newman. The reason for the feed concentrate sampling is NOT for mycotoxin sampling. The scientific teams are looking for evidence to better understand why numerous pregnant mares did not experience Mare Reproductive Loss Syndrome. Feed concentrate may hold a partial answer. At this point in the investigation, purchased feed or concentrate feed sources are not suspect as the primary cause of Mare Reproductive Loss Syndrome.

All individual records and samples are submitted as confidential information for the scientific research study. The UK College of Agriculture Regulatory Services unit and Dr. Newman suggest the sampling protocol for use by veterinarians when taking horse feed and grain that is listed on our web-site. The protocol is posted until the subheading of "Recommendations from KAEP."

The University of Kentucky College of Agriculture is establishing a central call-in telephone number for questions about Mare Reproductive Loss Syndrome for media requests, horse farm owners and managers and others with comments or ideas. The number will be active on Monday morning, May 21st. The central call-in number is UKY-257-MARE (859/257-6273).