Weather Linked To Causal Event

The University of Kentucky's coordinating group has been studying details of mare breeding records for 2001. This identified more precisely the time of the critical insult giving rise to the syndrome- -between April 17 and 23. Based on information provided, late abortions, the birth of weak foals, and early fetal losses appear to be linked to the same causal event.

The National Weather Service reported the following weather statistics during that period at the Lexington Bluegrass Airport.

Date--Max. Temp.--Min. Temp.--Avg. Temp. (Departure from Norm)--Total Precip.
April 17--42--29--36 (-19)--0.03 in.
April 18--54--28--41 (-14)--0 in.
April 19--66--36--51 (-5)--0 in.
April 20--63--51--57 (+1)--0.16 in.
April 21--74--61--68 (+12)--0.01 in.
April 22--81--59--70 (+13)--0 in.
April 23--82--63--73 (+16)--trace