Attending to Mare Reproductive Loss Syndrome Costly

While cost isn't always the most important consideration when it comes to a crisis, over time, the costs can add up.

For example, since Mare Reproductive Loss Syndrome materialized in Kentucky, veterinarians and farm managers have been using all logical steps to help maintain pregnancies.

Those steps include a mycotoxin binder (at a cost of 30 cents or more per day), Regu-Mate at about $2.50 per day, thyroid medicine at about 30 cents per day, and domperidone at about $8 per day. Add in any possible supplements, such as probiotics, and you are looking at an additional $11 per day over board costs for pregnant mares.

Add into that the cost of additional veterinary ultrasound scans (say three scans at $50-$60 each over two weeks), palpations, and bloodwork, and you can add an average of $10-$15 in veterinary costs per day on top of everything else.