NTRA Purchases Fingerprint Machine for National Racing Compact

The National Thoroughbred Racing Association (NTRA) purchased a portable, digital fingerprint machine for the National Racing Compact (NRC) that will aid in streamlining and simplifying the licensing process. The purchase follows a recommendation of an NTRA Task Force to support the national licensing of owners and other industry participants.

"Fingerprinting has been the one constant barrier to getting people licensed quickly and easily," said Robin T, Williams, chairman of the NRC. "We are grateful to the NTRA for this outstanding new machine that will allow us to take the printer to the people and offer hassle-free, one-stop shopping."

The machine, The Cross Match ID 1000, replaces traditional ink-on-paper methods by connecting to a PC via a digital communications interface. It allows for clean, real-time fingerprint capture of individuals at the time of enrollment. It is easy to transport and set up, and its print quality will result in fewer FBI rejections. It also allows for print archival, eliminating the need for reprints, and it is fully compliant with the FBI's requirement in 2003 for digital submission.

"We are delighted to help the NRC as it endeavors to make the licensing process less intimidating for all industry participants," said Greg Avioli, chief operating officer of the NTRA. "This is an important project, and we encourage others in the industry to support it in any way they can."

The NTRA Task Force on Economic Regulation, chaired by Robert McNair, last year released among its recommendations the suggestion that the NTRA strongly support the effort to make licensing of industry participants more convenient-ideally on a national basis.

The NRC issued the first national owner's license last January, and it is now recognized in 16 states. This past spring, national licenses were made available to trainers, jockeys and harness drivers. Never before had national licenses or applications of any type been available to those in the racing industry.