TVG Wins Approval to Operate Betting Hub

The Oregon Racing Commission on Friday approved an application by the TV Games Network for to operate a wagering hub. Currently, TVG wagers run through a hub operated by NTRA Services, a subsidiary of the National Thoroughbred Racing Association and marketing partner of TVG.

TVG will take over operation of the hub July 1. TVG and the NTRA are expected to continue their marketing parntership, perhaps with financial benefits to the NTRA via wagering on horse races. NTRA Services has received 0.75% of total hub handle.

"Hopefully, this development will help reduce industry in-fighting and allow the racing industry as a whole to move ahead in the growth and development of our businesses," TVG chief executive officer Mark Wilson said in a statement.

Former and current racetrack members of the NTRA opposed the organization's involvement with the betting hub, and some expressed a dislike for the NTRA's relationship with TVG. They believe the NTRA should not be involved in for-profit ventures that compete with those of its membership.

Officials this week told The Blood-Horse that TVG applied for the hub license exclusively, and is not in partnership with other entities, such as Churchill Downs Inc. and Magna Entertainment Corp., on the Oregon betting hub.