Here and There in Saratoga--Sunday, Aug. 5, 2001

By Sean Clancy
From The Saratoga Special, reprinted with permission

"Being around Silverbulletday, she was so intelligent, the most amazing horse to me of all. She had such a mind of her own. She was just so good and she knew it. You knew everytime you led her over there she was going to run her eyeballs out. And when she lost she knew it."
--Tonja Terranova

"If Paul's English teacher knew he was proofing this paper, he'd shut the whole thing down."
--Wayne Romishar on his cousin Paul Wasserman's role in this paper

"All I got you was shakes and lollipops, I don't know if that covers room and board."
--The ever quotable Romishar

"The rain continued to pour down, and the lightning continued to flash as though taking pictures of the event."
--George Doria writing about last year's Hopeful

"I couldn't ride her any harder, I had to slow down a couple of times."
--Mark Guidry on finishing second with Time for a Lady

"I assumed they'd be riding against us."
--Trainer Linda Rice about jockeys Pat Day and Jerry Bailey in the Amsterdam

Happy Birthday Landon Manning – foal of 1917
"The retired Saratogian newspaper editor celebrated his birthday on Friday, August 3. After reading Smith's quote in The Special, "Dying is no big deal. The least of us will manage that. Living is the trick." Manning responded he is a step beyond retirement but still thinks living beats dying. Manning spent a lot of time with Smith \ here in the Saratoga press box. Today he was recalling how Smith once asked to see an article he wrote. "I was so excited that Red Smith, the greatest turf writer of all-time wanted to see something I had written, wish I could remember that article. I do remember Red Smith saying, 'Today's news wraps tomorrow's mackerel.' I guess I had already been to the market that day."

Look for Manning's books, "The Noble Animals" and "Extra Sugar for Kelso." However, be warned they are hard to find. Sean bought the last two copies. Lyrical Ballad had last year. But keep looking, it'll be worth it when you find them.
– Contributed by The Lyrical Ballad Bookstore

Name of the day (This ought to be name of the meet. We missed this one when it came around the first time but reader Lucy Howard didn't): Delay of Game. By Summer Squall out of Wimbledon.
Now that's clever.

Weather Man

Saturday night: Partly cloudy. Low near 61F. Winds calm.
Sunday: Sunny. High around 86F. Winds mainly N less than 5 mph.
Sunday night: Clear. Low near 62F. Winds near calm.
Monday (24 hours): Sunny. Highs near 90 and lows in the low 60s.
Tuesday (24 hours): Sunny. Highs near 90 and lows in the low 60s.
Wednesday (24 hours): Sunny. Highs in the mid 80s and lows in the low 60s.

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