Racing Resumes in Pakistan; 60 Horses Still Hurting

There is good news and bad news surrounding Karachi Race Course near Karachi, Pakistan. Racing resumed at the track on July 28 with an abbreviated card of four races. However, 60 horses on the grounds are still in the care of representatives of Brooke Hospital, after they were abandoned when the track closed in March.

As many as 600 horses were housed at the track during live racing. When that ended, some horses were transported to other locations, about 250 were cared for at the track, and 70 of the 130 horses abandoned died before help arrived. However, on July 9, representatives of Brooke, with financial assistance from the International League for the Protection of Horses, administered medical care and food to the 60 remaining horses which were unclaimed and in many cases, starving.

A number of groups and individuals have contributed to the effort, either through ILPH, or North America's ReRun, CERF, and the Exeller Fund. ReRun collected and sent $9,356 to the ILPH. In addition, NTRA Charities and the Keeneland Association gave a combined $8,000.

Ian Kelly of the ILPH said the original intent was to help the horses for a month, then reassess the situation. Kelly said racing resumed with help, in part, from a member of the Brooke team who assisted in negotiations. However, none of the 60 horses being cared for by the Brooke/ILPH coalition are able to race, nor are they at a stage where that is even a consideration.