A Cup of Coffee--Thursday, August 9, 2001

By Sean Clancy
From The Saratoga Special, reprinted with permission
The establishment asked us why we print all our subscribers' names on the front page. The establishment then proceeded to tell us the number was embarrassingly small. The establishment then told us it didn't make sense.

Then the establishment gave us grief for spelling one of the readers' names wrong. The establishment wanted to know why? The establishment had the dreaded bottom line in mind; we could see it in their narrow eye. The establishment was thinking why waste a column of space on a bunch of people's name instead of dropping an ad in there or cutting pages or whatever else establishments do.

We ain't the establishment.

We're here to have fun. We're here to liven up the place a little. Celebrate the sport. Celebrate the color. Celebrate the life. And to preserve it.

That's what we're here for and if we want to print the names of each and every subscriber, then hell yes, that's what we're going to do! And, you know what, when that number gets so big it takes up 100 pages, we might keep on running it, make it a center spread insert.

I feel like I'm marching to the capital now.

Sorry, but the comment got me riled up. Like Frank Stronach's declaration that he wants NYRA had Terry Meyocks wound up around the backside this morning, comments from the establishment usually send me to the keyboard.

The capital might be next.

Like it wasn't impressive that we only had 63 subscribers. Maybe not to the establishment. But we're pretty damn proud of it. Considering we're working on year one, issue number 15 as I type.

The questions we get the most are: Why did we start the paper? When do we sleep? What are we going to do in the fall?

We started the paper because we believed in the concept of bringing the life of Saratoga to the readers. Basically we were tired of reading nonsense about our favorite town. Well, that's why Joe and I started it. Paul, the business manager, just needed a job after his last employer went bankrupt; establishment they weren't (or were they?).

About sleep. Well, our motto when we started this was, "We'll sleep in September." We're sticking with it because we sure as hell aren't sleeping in August. We don't sleep. Just skip it for now.

We'll be back next year and all the years after that. Or that's the plan anyway. We're never short of ideas so look out.

My favorite part of the project is when I see someone looking for the paper.

Around the sales, it's cool to see that in three days, people are looking for it, wanting it. Sales increase every day and advertisers are calling us (which is good because we don't even have an advertising department yet).

We're a long way from the establishment and that's probably the way we like it.

See, the problem with the establishment is that they haven't invented, written, sold, designed, delivered and sold their own project for so long they can't get past their own establishment.

Do me a favor, if we ever look, sound, or think like the establishment, shoot us.

And subscribers: We love you.

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