Here and There in Saratoga--Thursday, August 9, 2001

By Sean Clancy
From The Saratoga Special, reprinted with permission

"How do you think this is going to work, Tom?"--Assistant Todd Wyatt as two of Tom Voss' horses hit the turf to breeze
"I have no idea."Trainer Tom Voss, in response

Tom VanMeter of Eaton Sales requested a correction from yesterday's quote of "possibly," when asked if they had more help than horses.
Today's answer from VanMeter, "probably."

"Diet? I went down to 104."--Jockey Shaun Bridgmohan about his face injury that required over 100 stitches

222 262
--Number displayed on mobile phone after spending a morning in a paperboy's backpack

"What happened to our benches, Stronach get em?"--Trainer Carl Nafzger, to NYRA president Terry Meyocks about some missing backstretch benches

"He's like the saying, 'the quiet mouse gets the cheese'. "--Jockey Gus Brown, about Praise the Prince's demeanor around the barn

"Combined age, 24."--Jockey Jonathan Thomas, about two jumpers strolling around the stable area

"How about some of those T-shirts?"--Two Eaton Sales employees to The Saratoga Special
"We only have two left."
"That's all we need."

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