A Cup of Coffee--August 18, 2001

By Sean Clancy
From The Saratoga Special, reprinted with permission

Yeah, yeah, yeah. We had a plan to do restaurants reviews. That's before we marooned ourselves in this office for 23 straight days.

You want restaurant reviews? Here's your damn restaurant reviews.

Take out from the Spring Street Deli (132 Spring Street. 584-0994). Good service. Friendly faces. Our kind of business, bunch of friends trying to stay un-corporate, or at least that's the way we see it. Hell, we'd put them on the masthead as integral as they are to the success of this paper. Will even deliver to two places off of one phone call (when wife and kids need food as well). Food still relatively hot when delivered. Greek salad with grilled chicken is a favorite from this desk. Taco salad from the desk next door. Three desks down, the Citation ranks at the top. Well, it's the Citation without lettuce, tomato and dijon (sounds like that Jiva Coolit of Penn National from the other day to us but that's the way she likes it). The chicken salad is great but comes with a bite. If you have time to actually get there for breakfast, the egg sandwiches are top of the town. No beer but cold sodas and no home made desserts. With free delivery, total usually runs around $20 for three hungry publishers.

Putnam Market (435 Broadway. 587-FOOD). Great sandwiches, pricey but delicious. One drawback for this office, no delivery after five. We've eaten about a dozen High Rocks so far this meet, free range chicken, NY cheddar and cranberry mayo. Our choice is sourdough around it all. Great while sitting over a computer screen, not so great after 48 hours in the mini fridge at the end of the office. Second choice is the ham and brie on rye. Chicken salad comes through when the High Rock gets old. Sell warm beer in the store and frilly drinks (you know seltzers and stuff). Peanut butter cookies have spurred the thought process throughout this marathon of writing. Large and filling, only eat half if you don't want a good old belly ache. They'll deliver for a dollar if they walk, three bucks if they have to drive five miles and up from there. The Siro's of sandwiches perhaps.

D'Andrea's Pizza (33 Caroline Street. 584-3632). Our third staple with our favorite, "prompt free delivery." We've been big fans of this pizza place for years, but we're used to eating a slice while sitting on the curb thinking about how soon 5:00 a.m. is coming, not ordering for delivery to an office. Almost, makes us feel old. Almost. Great pizza, hot or cold. We've eaten it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and late night snack. Only wish they'd come by and pick up the empty boxes when we're done. Pizza, jewel of the earth, not to mention into-the-night writing.

Bruno's (237 Union Avenue. 583-3333). The ad in the Yellow Pages says "Enjoy our 50's Atmosphere." We'll settle for pizza in 50 minutes. The best pizza in town but no delivery, tough on a three-man staff. We call whenever we're feeling like we need pampering and we can sacrifice a staff member for the moment. Nothing like a James Dean pizza when you're down and out at a desk.. They cook on a wood oven and have more fresh toppings than . . . ah you know.

Scallion's (404 Broadway. 584-0192). Another one we call when we need something a little better than pizza and sandwiches. Of course, no delivery, but not a bad walk up Broadway from our office. The crab cakes are our choice, light and fresh. Not easy to eat Scallion's food and type, you know, the fork and everything but worth it if you have the time.

There you have it, our 2001 restaurant reviews. Hope you liked them and hope you're eating better than us.

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