Leading turf sire Theatrical is among the horses moved from Diamond A Farm.

Leading turf sire Theatrical is among the horses moved from Diamond A Farm.

Paulson Trust Removes Theatrical, Other Horses from Diamond A Farm

One day after firing Simon Bray as its trainer, the Allen E. Paulson Living Trust on Thursday transferred its stallions, including two-time champion and leading sire Theatrical, Jade Hunter, and 18 mares and foals from Diamond A Farm to John Sikura's Hill 'n' Dale Farm.

"They fired me today," said Diamond A farm manager Ted Carr, who was a good friend of the late Allen Paulson. "First time I've been fired. Ain't that a bitch? It wasn't very gentlemanly, but we'll survive. We'll go out and pick up another client who appreciates the care we give the horses."

Paulson's widow, Madeleine, decried the fact that Theatrical was removed from where he had stood his entire stallion career, at Diamond A, which was formerly known as Brookside Farm. Paulson built the farm with Carr's expertise. The horses were picked up at 3 p.m. EDT from the farm near Versailles, Ky., for the trip to Hill 'n' Dale near Lexington. Diamond A still has 18 head of Madeleine Paulson's mares and foals. She preferred not to comment on the actions of the Living Trust, while reinforcing she has no part in their decision-making.

Said Sikura in a press release, "We are excited to stand a stallion of Theatrical's caliber. Our objective is to reach out to the leading international breeders and assure that Theatrical receives the best book of mares in the world."

Michael Paulson, Allen Paulson's son, one of the forces in the trust, said that, "We are very pleased with this new arrangement with John Sikura and Hill 'n' Dale. This will put Theatrical at a facility equal to his ranking as one of the top sires in the world."

A day earlier, Michael Paulson said he was moving horses from trainer Bray "to carry out the wishes of his late father." Madeleine, though, was skeptical of that. "Maybe you could look up in the sky and ask him," she said.