A Cup of Coffee--August 31, 2001

By Sean Clancy
From The Saratoga Special, reprinted with permission

Let's go this way.

Away from the action, down past Kiaran's barn along the trees. Now slow down, what's the hurry, my man. You're all right. All we have to do is deliver 25 papers and we have all morning. It's a little past seven, nothing to worry us. Should have worn leggings I guess. This backpack's bouncing like a sack of potatoes on my back.

There's Pat Kelly's barn. Let's cut in between Cordero's car and the bunk house.

Yeah, you're OK. Watch the step. That's right. Phil Serpe's barn to our left. Boy, Sarah's having a tougher ride than me, get that head down horse.

There's Todd's pony, like he's saying hello to us. Hey old boy, you got a great look my friend.

Over to Dave Donk's first, drop today's edition off at the table in the yard.

"Morning, theres a paper."
"Oh, this is the way to go. He's pretty isn't he?"

Great ride, I'll tell you. A Starbright mint for you, look at that. Well,
That's what I call them. Think I can hang this bag from the saddle horn? Don't mind do you? Ah, that's better.

Who's next? Kimmel's. "Can you put this paper on the picnic table for me?" "Thanks."
Oh, better get out of here, that bay seems to like this paint pony. Let's go, let's go. That's right. Boy, it's slow up here. It's been so long, I forgot the rhythmical beat. Been in a car too long.

Clop, clop, clop. Don't kick. Hey Rusty, what about that horse?

Over to McPeek's barn, which way? "Morning."

Past Terranova's and Colum O'Brien's. Here you go. How about that. Now this is the way to do it. Pony Express, right? Two papers to Leo's. Past Pletcher's. "Hey guys, here's your paper. Hello Mr. Campbell." Better get out of this shedrow.

To Leah Gyarmati's. Stretch and tuck them in the saddle flap. Hey, you want to race that pony? Mine's quick, at least to that fruit truck. DeStasio's on the phone; wink and hand him one in silence.

That's right, track Chuck Simon down. Jimmy Jerkens, "Nice article on the Chief."
"Thank you."

His son calls him the Chief too. Now that's amazing.

"Hey Gasper. Hey Bow. Morning. Good looking pony, eh?"

Hennig's. Yeah, nice to do it again. Quickest way to Lynn Whiting's. "Could you put this in the tack room? Thanks."

Over to Al Stall's. And back to Frankel's. Over to Clement's. Better not walk right down the middle of the shed. Go around. Shug and Clement. Good, both by the rail.

"Morning Allison."
"Here's today's. Enjoy it, OK?"

Hennig's. Mint? Oh he'd like that. "Who's your friend?"

Allison. To the Annex. Thought that was you. Ooh, you look bad my friend. Back to the turf. "Hey Donna. Cool, isn't he?" No mints. Watch your head, my man. Western saddle's like a couch. Feel safe with this horn.

Del Carroll's. Lisa Lewis‚ for carrots. Fresh clover. Now, don't gorge my man.

Better get to Asmussen's for an interview. Fresh racking job. Walk lightly buddy.

"Hi, Steve."
"Bet you never did an interview on horseback before."
"Not this way. What about Cashier's Dream?"

Better get going. Yeah, great band, Burners UK. Not too late. It's just a puddle my man. Don't argue, go around. Walk on home, past Leo's.

"Keith around?"
"Hmmm. That's OK. I'm off."

Horse, Gotta Horse. Thanks. Union Avenue, I'll miss you on Tuesday. Walk. Walk. Walk. Picture? Cool. Back past Elliott Walden's. Be nice to that horse. Chicago? Just moonlighting. Toner's raking up. Moe's. Don't need tea. Keep on walking. There's my car.

Past Biancone's desk in the shed row. Tagg's on the phone. Howard's on the phone. Damn, wonder how long I been gone. Time to go back. Nearly home.

Most fun I've had in Saratoga. Nearly forgot what it's like. Great ride. Finally. Tomorrow's Cup of Coffee? Probably. Thanks Charlie

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