Christine Janks -- The Nonconformist

The following excerpt is from Women in Racing: In Their Own Words. Published September 2001 by Eclipse Press.

I think problems that women trainers have today lie in themselves. A lot of women don't succeed because of the way they conducted their business. They weren't competing in the same way as a man competes, and they focused on the wrong things.

One day at Sportsman's these two women trainers came up to me and they said, "Look at the (track) program. Do you see what they do here? For the men, they use initials like for J. R. Smith. But for women, they spell your name out. You know why? Because they want the bettors to know it's a woman trainer's horse, like maybe it is less well trained."

I said to them, "That's like looking at the cup being half full. I'm proud that I'm a woman, and I want my name in there."

Well, the way they were looking at it was that "someone's out to get us, they're trying to keep us down." And that limited them. And those women are not training horses any more.

It was like somebody said to me -- one of my owners said to me the other day, "Oh, you're the leading woman trainer here." I said, "I'm just a trainer." I just try to have the fact that I am a woman not be an issue. Because if you allow people to make it one, it will persist. So many women allowed that to happen.

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