Jane Goldstein -- Premier Publicist

The following excerpt is from Women in Racing: In Their Own Words. Published September 2001 by Eclipse Press.

All the uprising of women for equal rights in the workplace and so forth came after I was already working in racing. So I didn't jump on that bandwagon. I didn't feel any need to. I was already there.

It's true I was the first woman to head a publicity department. But I wasn't the first woman to work in that field in racing. When I got started, it was hard. I'm sure I was terrified for the whole first five years.

My picture of the backstretch then was very few women. The women who were there were working with the horses. In those days, I'm sure I wore a skirt, but I was an exception. The women who worked physically with the horses would have on jeans. So I knew I was sticking out and people were looking at me oddly. But I just kept on going. The old-time horsemen were gentlemen. Nobody was ever rude to me. I got along just fine. I think that today people on the backstretch aren't going to pay any attention to your sex; they're going to be rude to you if they want to be rude to you whether you're a male or a female.

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