Jump Start Fractures Leg; Exogenous' Condition Improves

Exogenous, who flipped and caught her foot in a metal railing prior to the Distaff, and Jump Start, who suffered a broken leg during the stretch run of the Juvenile, are recovering from their injuries, according to Dr. C. Wayne McIlwraith.

Radiographs of Jump Start's injured left front leg showed a displaced lateral condylar fracture of the fetlock joint, McIlwraith said.

"It's not life-threatening but it does need surgery," he continued. "You know, it's -- because the fracture is displaced -- it's got to be put together with screws and Dr. Steve Selway will be doing surgery on him probably tomorrow."

Pat Day, who rode the Overbrook Farm colt, said: "He started traveling real bad, so I started taking it really easy on him. As he got closer to the wire, the worse he traveled. I pulled him up as fast as I could. He's been a real good patient so far. Hopefully, no matter what the injury is, he'll be OK."