The Jockey Club, Horse Adoption Group Discuss Registry

The Jockey Club is working with the Thoroughbred Adoption and Retirement Association to establish and maintain a separate registry that would recognize Thoroughbreds suited for careers as sport or show horses.

Just days after TARA held its second annual convention in Lexington, its executive director, Shon Wylie, met with The Jockey Club's executive director, Gary Carpenter, Nov. 8 to discuss the plan.

"It went well," Wylie said. "(Carpenter) asked that the TARA groups put in writing in what capacity The Jockey Club could be of service regarding registry, foal papers, et cetera. Of course, we'll get right on that."

By creating the registry, and implementing an All-Thoroughbred show circuit, TARA hopes to increase the marketability of Thoroughbreds by raising public awareness of the breed as an all-around athlete. TARA believes it can raise the value of horses in training and provide horsemen with an incentive to retire horses that are sound and suitable for a second career.

The registry would also serve to create a general fund to pay expenses of racehorses placed into accredited adoption programs.