Jockey Puglisi Remains Hospitalized Following Saturday Spill

Southern California-based jockey Iggy Puglisi, injured in a Saturday night spill at Los Alamitos, has been transferred to Arcadia Methodist and may be released in a few days, according to agent Richie Silverstein.

"Basically, he'll be in the hospital for three or for more days, mostly for pain management," Silverstein said of the 27-year-old native of Rosario, Argentina. "He'll also get a second opinion on his injuries and he's closer to home (Puglisi resides in Duarte). He was moved from Los Alamitos (Hospital) Tuesday afternoon."

Puglisi was involved in a two-horse spill which left him with broken vertebrae and broken bones in his right knee.

"I didn't see the spill, but from what I can gather, when he got catapulted, he possibly landed belly-up. Therefore his (right) knee would have hit the ground first," said Silverstein. "Then he sprung up, and when he sprung up, I'm not so sure he wasn't clipped from the back. That's where the back (vertebrae) was broken. Or, he could have been hit belly-up and been flipped over on to his back. He has two broken bones in his right knee and three broken vertebrae in his back."

Silverstein said Puglisi might start rehabilitation in about six to eight weeks.