Artificial Insemination (Cont.)

Efford pleaded with The Jockey Club for leniency because she was a novice, and was rebuffed. She eventually got a formal hearing, but the hearing officer and The Jockey Club stewards ruled against her. Now she said she's angry and is taking her case to court. Efford said the fight is no longer just about the registrations.

"The Jockey Club is ignoring technology that makes breeding safer and more economical," Efford said. "But the real crime is they know it is already happening, and they choose to enforce it selectively. The hypocritical aspect bothers me the most."

Curran declined to comment on Efford's case because it appears headed to court.

"We require owners and breeders to certify compliance, and we rely on their honesty and integrity in doing so," he said.

So what happens if Efford prevails and The Jockey Club is forced to adopt AI?

"I think it is premature to say," said Dan Metzger, president of the Thoroughbred Owners and Breeders Association. "But I think people need to start asking those kinds of questions."