Board in Australia Bans Jocks From Website

The Australian Associated Press reported that The Thoroughbred Racing Board (TRB) has barred a group of well-known Sydney jockeys from dispensing any information about upcoming mounts on a website.

The board will also undertake to review guidelines governing licensed persons' relationship with the media where payment is involved, the AAP said.

Eight jockeys -- Brian York, Jim and Larry Cassidy, Darren Beadman, Chris Munce, Corey Brown, Allan Robinson and Danny Beasley -- had signed contracts with, run by racehorse owner David Simpson.

For a fee of $99, subscribers had access to race news and information "straight from the jockeys' mouth" on pre- and post-race comments.

"The board is supportive of any activities which promote racing, but this must be in accordance with the rules of racing, insofar as licensed persons are concerned," TRB chief executive Merv Hill said in a statement.

"The board is of the view that the proposed agreement between the jockeys and the owners of the site contravenes the Australian Rules of Racing. Whilst we are more than happy for the jockeys to be involved with the site and most of its proposed activity, that area which relates to providing information concerning specific horses is in breach of the rules and can not be approved."

It is understood a letter from Simpson, which in part mentioned aspects of the Trade Practices Act, was tabled at the meeting.

The board is also still considering if any of the riders who signed with the website are in breach of the rules of racing.