A Day at the Races is a Family Bargain

A day at the races for a family of four is a better bargain then the four major league team sports, according to a University of Arizona study. The study compated the fan cost index produced by Team Marketing Report for major league sporting events with a similar cost index for Harness Tracks of America (HTA) and the Thoroughbred Racing Associations (TRA).

The average total cost for a family of four at the 19 HTA-member tracks calculated to $112.20 per visit, including the pari-mutuel takeout on $300 of wagering, while the 18 TRA tracks produced an average of $129.49 per visit.

When compared to the other major league team sporting events, te HTA and TRA tracks stacked up significantly lower. Major League Baseball averaged $145.83; National Hockey League $274.66; National Basketball Association $277.19, and the National Football League $303.33, according to Team Marketing.

The HTA tracks' average total cost ranged from $85.84 to $139.80, while the TRA tracks were $113 to $160.50.

The FCI includes general admission, parking, two small beers, four small sodas, four hot dogs, two track programs, merchandise, and per capita wagering.

The study assumes a $300 per capita wagering figure, based on the figures provided by the tracks, and a high-end takeout of 25 percent. The actual cost of wagering was calculated as this 25 percent of the $300 per capita, or $75.