CHRB to Regulate Jockey Advertising

The California Horse Racing Board and racetrack stewards are developing procedures for a regulation that received final state approval this week permitting advertising on jockey attire, owner silks, and track saddlecloths during a race.

CHRB Executive Director Roy Wood envisions the regulation being implemented at the start of the Bay Meadows and Hollywood Park meets in April.

"It is important that we sit down with the stewards, jockeys, racing associations, and horse owners to work out the procedures for proper implementation," explained Wood. "It would not be advisable to begin this program in the middle of a race meet without everyone having a clear understanding of the procedures. Bay Meadows opens April 3 and Hollywood opens April 24, which should give us plenty of time to work out the details."

The CHRB approved the regulation November 30, then submitted it to the Office of Administrative Law for final review. As approved by OAL Wednesday, the regulation permits "advertising, including logos, labels, or product endorsements...on jockey attire, owner silks, and track saddlecloths from the point of weighing out for a race to weighing in after its conclusion."

The regulation requires that "a copy of the advertisement signage must be submitted for review" prior to the race to the stewards at the track where the advertisement will be worn.

Advertisements on jockey clothing are limited to a maximum of 32 square inches on each thigh of the pants on the outer sides between the hip and knee and 10 square inches on the rear at the base of the spine, a maximum of 24 square inches on boots and leggings on the outside of each nearest the top of the boot, and a maximum of 6 square inches on the front center in the neck area.

Advertisements on owner silks are limited to a maximum of 32 square inches on the chest area and a maximum of 1.5 inches by 4 inches on each collar.

Advertisements on track saddlecloths are not limited as to size and placement.