Sportsman's Cancels Again; Scheduled to Resume Friday

Thoroughbred racing at Sportsman's Park was cancelled again Tuesday because of weather-related track conditions.

"The plain truth is that this race track has been subjected to the harshest, most extreme weather and temperature differential of the winter," said National Jockey Club president Charles W. Bidwill III. "There is only so much magic our track crew can do under the circumstances. We opened last Friday (March 1) with a great racing program that went off without a single problem, then on Saturday we were hit during the heart of our card with a foot of wet, heavy snow and temperatures that hovered above freezing. Then we get hit with the most extreme cold of the season, temperatures below zero and a wind chill of 20 below. Then after the extreme below zero temperatures, we get a dramatic moderation of temperatures on Tuesday. We'll be ready on Friday."

Racing at Sportsman's Park is scheduled to resume on Friday.