Starquine Offers New Internet Listing Service For Sales is offering a new Internet service for consignors selling horses at public auction. The service allows sellers to list the horses in their consignments online before sale company catalogues are printed. The service will allow prospective buyers to search each horse's entire pedigree, not just the dam and sire.

Each horse will be compared against the hundreds of saved services in the Starquine data base, and each match will generate an e-mail alert to prospective buyers. The e-mail alert will provide prospective buyers with links to the horse's pedigree and other information.

Tom Van Meter of Eaton Sales plans to list his personal sale yearlings on the database. Patrick Brown, the director of business development from Starquine, said Paramount Sales will also use the service. "We're talking to a number of major consignors," he said.

Starquine charges consignors a fee for each horse listed.