MRLS-Related Advisory Prompted by Forecast

Weather forecasts for the evening of April 24 in Central Kentucky have prompted University of Kentucky scientists to advise farm owners to temporarily restrict horses from eating pasture grass. The advisory is because of mare reproductive loss syndrome (MRLS), which hit at this time last year after an unusual weather pattern.

MRLS caused many late-term abortions and early-fetal losses, primarily in Central Kentucky. The cause has not been determined, but the weather and its effects on pastures is believed to have played an important role.

A release said: "Because of cool temperatures forecast for central Kentucky for tonight (4/22) and early Tuesday morning, University of Kentucky scientists are advising horse farm owners and managers to follow guidelines for restricting access of horses to pastures.

"The weather pattern leading up to tonight has many similarities to 2001, including a warm period followed by near-freezing temperatures forecast for this evening. In contrast to 2001, the conditions are wetter and the cool weather will come in more gradually. Therefore the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture is recommending that early and late pregnant mares should be kept off pasture until lunch on Tuesday, April 23."

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