Jockey Club Redesigns Foal Registration Certificates

The Jockey Club has redesigned the certificate of foal registration and will begin issuing the new certificates May 1. The Jockey Club's registrar, Edward "Buddy" Bishop, said the new certificate returns to its former and more traditional look but incorporates modern advances in paper security.

"The new certificate will look familiar to many owners and breeders as it closely resembles the design used in the early 1980s," Bishops said. "We've tried to integrate the best features of the past with the most current protective safeguards so as to create a certificate with aesthetic value and modern security.

"Most noticeably, we've reverted back to intaglio (raised) printing along the borders of the certificate. This feature provides a more elaborate look and unique feel which makes it very easy to distinguish the original certificate from a photocopy."

The new certificates will be issued for every Thoroughbred, regardless of age, registered on or after May 1, 2002.