Kentucky Clinics Report Slowdown in MRLS Cases

In a letter to state veterinarians, the Kentucky Department of Agriculture reported that no equines brought to area clinics in a 72-hour period that ended the morning of May 16 had symptoms consistent with mare reproductive loss syndrome.

For the week that ended May 11, there were 93 equine abortions, 53 of which were considered "consistent with losses attributed to MRLS," the May 16 letter said. There have been 112 cases consistent with MRLS this year.

Since May, there have been 28 admissions; the highest single-day number was eight on May 4.

"We would offer that, although we don't have a precise number of MRLS hospital admissions for 2001, comments from the hospitals continue to support that admissions are dramatically decreased from this same time last year," said the letter, sent by Equine Programs Manager Rusty Ford.

From Dec. 30, 2001, through May 11, there have been 697 equine abortions submitted to the University of Kentucky's Livestock Disease Diagnostic Center for examination. For the same period a year ago, there were 878 cases. The average for that period in the previous five years was 566.8.

There have been six pericarditis cases reported; last year, the number was 30.