Former AmTote President Joins Magna

Former AmTote president Ted Mudge began working at Magna Entertainment this week.

Mudge sold his interest in the Maryland-based tote company, which he ran as president for six years, and is now Magnaês vice president of business development.

"I've got the best job," he said. "I get to go around to their racetracks and figure out how to get more people into them and how to make it fun once they get there."

Mudge said he had several casual conversations over the past several years about working for Magna. But back then, the offers weren't strong enough to lure him away from a good job with AmTote. Mudge then got the offer he couldn't refuse.

"Basically, it was all about the job," he said. "Hopefully, I understand the psyche of the bettor. I understand it is easier to get a guy who comes fives times a year to come 10 times rather than get a new fan to come once."

Mudge was partners in AmTote with Baltimore businessmen and brothers John and Jim Corckran, who he initially brought into the company as investors. The company grew under their management and now the Corckrans have family members who are interested in the business. John Corckran succeeded Mudge as president.

Mudge has retained his ownership in RaceTech, a pari-mutuel technology company that created and manufactures the slot machine-style racing game called Instant Racing, which was introduced at Oaklawn Park.