Polar Expedition's Dam Sold For $2,000 at Auction

Wingsea, the dam of millionaire Polar Expedition was sold Wednesday to Dede McGehee for $2,000 in a public auction in Fayette County (Lexington, Ky.) Circuit Court.

Trainer Neil Pessin, who did the bidding on behalf of McGehee, said, "If we get a foal out of her, great. If not, she'll have a home for the rest of her life."

McGehee, a veterinarian, owns Heaven Trees Farm near Lexington. Wingsea, 21, will join a group of six or eight other older mares already at the farm.

Wingsea was auctioned to satisfy her owner's debt to Hilary Boone's Wimbledon Farm, near Lexington. James B. Cody owned the mare, but owed Wimbledon over $20,000 in board bills. He did not answer a lawsuit filed to recover the fees, so the court was authorized to auction Wingsea.

Only three bidders attended--Pessin, one other farm owner, and a representative from the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation. Bidding began at $100. The mare could be transferred to Heaven Trees later today.