Keeneland Dedicates New Library

Keeneland dedicated its new, freestanding Thoroughbred history library at a Friday morning ceremony attended by about 75 people.

The library, which is one of the world's largest repositories of publications, photos, and videos related to the Thoroughbred industry, will be open to the public July 15.

Keeneland president Nick Nicholson said the new 10,000 square-foot facility was 60 years in the making and integral part of Keeneland's mission.

"Arnold Hanger called the library the 'soul of Keeneland' because he understood that it represented Keeneland's drive to promote√£and most importantly√£preserve the heritage of the Thoroughbred and Thoroughbred racing and breeding better than any other aspect of our mission," Nicholson said.

Hanger is a Keeneland trustee and director who provided the nucleus of the library in 1939 when he acquired and donated a 2,300-volume collection from Robert J. Turnbull.

The library now contains 10,000 volumes, 1,500 video cassettes, 225,000 photo negatives, and 3,000 files of newspaper clippings. The collection includes racing calendars dating back to 1727. Keeneland's library was housed in the clubhouse. The new building, located next to the Keene barn, was designed by Froelich & Co. architects that has done Keeneland's design work for the last 50 years.