Proud Citizen, underwent surgery Monday.

Proud Citizen, underwent surgery Monday.

Anne M. Eberhardt

Proud Citizen's Surgery Goes Well

Proud Citizen underwent surgery on Monday to repair a fractured left front shin he suffered while finishing unplaced in the Belmont Stakes. According to Dr. Stephen Selway, who performed the operation at his Belmont Park clinic, "two regular screws and five really small fracture screws" were placed in the injured cannon bone.

"It went well," Selway said. "In about 60 days, we'll take the screws out and let the holes fill in."

It will be at least six months before Proud Citizen will be able to return to training, Selway said.

Proud Citizen won the Lexington Stakes, then finished second in the Kentucky Derby and third in the Preakness.

The surgery originally had been scheduled for July 1, but Selway postponed it to give the injury more time to heal. He was concerned about the leg's stability because of a number of tiny fractures near the main break. Proud Citizen also became lame again the day before operation was scheduled. Because of the injury's location in the upper third of the cannon bone, it is difficult to stabilize the leg during the recovery period, Selway said.