Horse Stolen From Saratoga Arts Program Display

Police In Saratoga Springs are searching for a stolen horse. According to the Saratogian newspaper, "My Petite Fleur" -- a 60-pound, brown fiberglass colt with flowers painted all over its body -- was taken from its concrete slab on Broadway in front of Saratoga Arms sometime in the early morning hours of July 20.

The colt's theft leaves 22 of 24 horses still on display as part of the ''Horses, Saratoga Style'' public art project sponsored by the arts council, the city and the Saratoga YMCA. Two other horses have been vandalized since being put on display.

"My Petite Fleur" was reported missing to city police around 6:40 a.m by a DPW worker. Police said they have no witnesses or leads in the case, though an officer reported last seeing the colt at 4:30 a.m.

"My Petite Fleur" was designed by Linda Peterson and is sponsored by Susan and Anthony DePaula.

Anybody with information about the stolen horse or the horses that have been vandalized is asked to call city police at 584-1800 or 584-TIPS.