Co-owners of Equix Biomechanics Part Ways

The co-owners of Equix Biomechanics have parted ways, with former Equix president Bob Fierro leaving to help form a new company.

Thoroughbred owners Bill Clifton and Anne and Donald Rudder had jointly owned Equix, a Lexington-based company that measures horses and recommends breeding matches and sale prospects to clients. Clifton purchased the Rudders' interest in Equix, and will maintain the same office, staff, and client list.

The new concern, owned by the Rudders and run by Fierro, will remain unnamed for the time being and concentrate on research. "We'll be doing research to refine the digital measuring programs that were started at Equix," Fierro said. "This came up suddenly and we're feeling our way through. It will be a private venture for awhile."

Equix vice president Suzanne Smallwood said it's been business as usual. "We're working with all the same programs. We both have access to all the information right now, and all our products are the same for the immediate future. We'll continue to use motion analysis and digital measuring."

Fierro said the Rudders now own those two programs and the new company will be at work refining them. "The hand-measuring kills people--two analysts have to measure hundreds of horses for a sale. There's got to be a better way, and we started to use digital video so the analyst has more time to consult with clients on horses. That's the way Equix was going, and that's what the Rudders are pursuing. I'm proud of what we accomplished."