Sunday Silence Improving From Third Operation

Leading Japanese stallion Sunday Silence is steadily improving after undergoing additional surgery July 18 at the Shadai Horse Clinic, according to the Japan Association for International Horse Racing. The operation, his third this year, was performed after the horse contracted bacterial peritendinitis in his right forelimb.

"He's a clever horse, and when his leg feels tired he lies down to rest," said Eisuke Tokutake of Shadai Stallion Station. "He still appears to feel pain in the affected area, but there doesn't seem to be any deterioration. Because the pain has eased, he has regained a healthy appetite, and that alone, is fantastic news.

"Another good sign is that he has started to bite people again, which is very much like him."

The 16-year-old son of Halo is now able to stand with weight on his right leg, thus helping alleviate fears about laminitis, thanks to a specially made shoe with rubber attached to the heel. The affected area is being injected with antibiotics three times a day, but the frequency of the injections may be reduced if he continues his present rate of recovery.