Greatest Game to Hold Meeting Sept. 13

The Greatest Game announced it will be holding an informational session on the progress of its new ownership initiative. The meeting will be held at 4 p.m. on Sept. 13 in the Keeneland sale pavilion.

The meeting will provide information on The Greatest Game's "consultant" program, which is designed to put representatives of the industry in contact with potential new Thoroughbred owners.

The goal of The Greatest Game is to make Thoroughbred ownership a reality for prospective owners, as well as afford each prospective owner an optimum chance for success as they enter the world of Thoroughbred racing. One of the ways in which The Greatest Game is paving the way for new ownership is through the "Thoroughbred consultant" program, which encourages members of the Thoroughbred community to serve as advisers to new owners, while also providing consultants with access to new potential clients. Applications to become a "Thoroughbred consultant" will be made available at the meeting.