Exceller Fund Celebrates Fifth Anniversary

The Exceller Fund is celebrating its fifth anniversary this year. The Exceller Fund is an Internet group that raises money to rescue Thoroughbred and other horses who would otherwise be sent to slaughter. This is done in memory of Exceller, one of the top 100 Thoroughbreds of the 20th century, who died an untimely and undignified death in Sweden on April 7, 1997. Exceller is best remembered as the only horse to defeat two Triple Crown winners, Seattle Slew and Affirmed, in the 1978 Jockey Club Gold Cup.

The Exceller Fund has grown from 13 members to 115, in 32 states and
Canada. Eight of the original 13 charter members are still members
of the fund.

In a September 14th newsletter to The Exceller Fund members,
President and founder Barbara Kraus remarked: "When people wrote for
information about joining the fund, I always wrote back that this
was a long-term commitment because we care for our horses for the
long term, and we base the number of horses we can care for on the
number of members we have. These members exemplify that long-term
commitment to our horses and I'd like to thank them for their caring
and support for our first five years."

With the help of its members, The Exceller Fund has rescued or
supported 45 horses in the past five years.

* 15 have been adopted
* 13 are available for adoption to good homes
* 11 are pensioned including seven in rehabilitation and four pasture pals
* Six have passed away due to illness or old age, and died with
people who loved them.

During the first month of operation in 1997, The Exceller Fund
raised $150. In May 2001, the organization reached a fund-to-date
donation milestone of $100,000. After five years, the fund-to-date
total is closing in on $200,000.