Turfway Handle Flat On-Track; Total Decreases

Turfway Park concluded its 2002 fall meet the evening of Oct. 3 with litle change in total on-track handle compared with the 2002 meet. Total handle fell 5% because of a decrease in out-of-state wagering.

On-track handle was $7,821,151 this year, down only 0.2% from 2001; wagering on Turfway's races in Kentucky was $23,811,963, up 1.8% from last year; out-of-state handle totaled $35,844,928, down 9.9% from 2001; and purses reached $4,203,225, off only 0.1% from last season (the daily purse average of $191,056 was down 4.7%).

Total handle fell 5% from $71,031,808 last year to $67,478,042. Attendance figures are not available because Turfway Park offered free admission during the fall meet for the first time.

The 2002 meet was 22 days; the 2001 meet was 21 days.

"There were many positives during our fall meet and overall, I'm pleased," Turfway president Bob Elliston. "Considering the severe competition that Turfway faces, we view having on-track handle numbers about equal to last year's as a good thing.

"The HofbrÀuhaus Beer Garden helped us attract a new fan base, and we look forward to having those people back out to support our other meets. Obviously, we are concerned with our out-of-state numbers and will continue to examine ways to increase interest in our simulcast product. Unfortunately, this a trend several other racetracks have been faced with this year."