Daughter of WinStar Founder Among Those Missing in Bali

Kerri Casner, daughter of WinStar co-founder Bill Casner, is among those missing after Saturday's bomb explosion in Bali, Indonesia. Kerri Casner, 23, was vacationing in the area and has not been seen since Saturday. According to a release from WinStar, she has not been identified among the dead or wounded, but she is missing.

Bill and Susan Casner, who live in Dallas, Texas, flew to Bali on Sunday.

WinStar is located near Versailles, Ky., and includes the former Prestonwood Farm.

According to cnn.com, three Americans were killed, four are missing and three others were injured. The known dead are surfer Stephen Webster, 41, teacher Deborah Lea Snodgrass, 33, and attorney and former Nebraska football player Jake Young, 34.

The current tally lists about 181 deaths and more than 300 people injured in the explosion, which is thought to be the work of a car bomb.