NBC's Hammond Will Join BC Telecast From Home

NBC sportscaster Tom Hammond, who has worked on all 18 Breeders' Cup programs to date, will appear on Saturday's telecast from home while recovering from heart surgery. Hammond will be featured on either live or taped pieces.

Hammond normally co-hosts the Breeders' Cup event with Charlsie Cantey. No outside talent will be added to the telecast, but NBC's on-air team, which includes Trevor Denman, Kenny Rice, Bob Neumeier, Donna Brothers, and Bob Costas, will see their roles expanded.

Hammond, 57, reported that he was "feeling pretty well, all things considered. I want to do something to be part of the show since I've done 18 straight. The guys at NBC told me not to try and travel to Chicago and be a hero, because there are plenty of other programs coming up that they need me for. That was nice of them to say."

Hammond was undergoing a routine stress test Oct. 14 when doctors noticed a small spike and sent him to a cardiologist. While a stent was being inserted into an artery to relieve a small blockage, the artery collapsed, sending Hammond into double-bypass surgery.