Churchill Gives Refunds and Payouts After Tote Malfunction

Edited from track release

A tote malfunction on Tuesday prompted Churchill Downs to refund all wagers in a Pick 4 pool and provide payouts to patrons who held what would have been winning tickets.

The total pool of $12,718 was refunded at Churchill Downs and all off-track wagering sites where the Pick 4 was offered. In addition, Churchill Downs made payment to patrons who held what would have been winning tickets had the tote system not mistakenly posted a refund of the wager.

There were four tickets that contained the winners of the four races included in the Pick 4, which covered races 1 through 4. The payout on the wager was recalculated and each of the patrons who possessed a correct ticket received $2,575.30 - the amount that would have been the winning payout if the refund had not been ordered.

No correct Pick 4 tickets were purchased at Churchill Downs. The payouts to holders of correct Pick 4 tickets were made through wagering hubs at Penn National, Philadelphia Park, The Woodlands, and the Television Games Network (TVG).

The tote problem involved a transfer of data from an off-track wagering site. Data on the Pick 4 wager that is routinely transmitted from that site to Churchill Downs did not reach its intended destination. When that information was not received, the tote system improperly posted a refund.

The Pick 4, a $1 minimum wager, requires that patrons correctly select the winners of four consecutive races. Churchill Downs offers two Pick 4 wagers on each of its daily race cards.