Churchill Downs' Mistake=Collectors' Gain

The first run of 2003 Kentucky Derby glasses took a stab at rewriting history, but now the next set of glasses will have to be rewritten instead. The current glasses out on the market incorrectly list Burgoo King, the 1932 Kentucky Derby winner, among the 11 Triple Crown winners. War Admiral, who won the Derby in 1937, as well as the remainder of the Triple Crown that year, is not given proper due for his efforts.

The glitch has already hit ebay, making the flubbed glasses instantly more valuable than the standard $1-$3 retail price for correct glasses. On Wednesday the auction web site had at least 20 listings for a pair of the erroneous glasses. Bids ranged from $4.99 to $10.50 for the glasses which retail for $2-$4.50. Churchill Downs has Kentucky Derby glasses for sale on its website for $9 per pair.