Wagering Technology Group Maps Strategy

The Wagering Technology working group formed by the National Thoroughbred Racing Association met for the first time Nov. 4. In addition, more members were named.

During the meeting, the working group:

--Reviewed initial findings on past history and best practices from other industries with similar issues relating to information systems security;

--Reviewed the credentials of an independent technical audit firm with specialized experience in ongoing testing of information security systems and recommended the recruitment of such a firm. The firm will be retained shortly, following approval by the NTRA board of directors;

--Approved initial appointments to task forces (legal, technical, and communications) and heard reports on the work of the groups to date, along with suggestions for next steps, including additional outreach to regular customers and additional questions to be asked of the industry totalisator companies;

--Reviewed the available facts concerning the investigation into the Breeders' Cup Ultra Pick 6 by the New York State Racing and Wagering Board and related matters;

--Reviewed the tote systems' security measures now being taken or considered by Churchill Downs, Magna Entertainment Corp., and New York Racing Association, and the current field study in this area by the Thoroughbred Racing Protective Bureau;

--Discussed the input already received from customers, fans, and industry constituents, and identified potential interim steps to be reviewed immediately with industry and tote representatives; and

--Approved a policy of regular and various updates to the industry and the public, coordinated by the working group and its communications task force.

"The incidents now under investigation represent a wake-up call to which our industry is responding vigorously," NTRA commissioner Tim Smith said. "We are committed to identifying and implementing all reforms necessary to assure the integrity of racing's wagering systems. The Wagering Technology working group established by the NTRA is a vital part of this effort. It will move forward aggressively and operate in a manner designed to assure our customers that the pari-mutuel system is protected from abuse."

The next meeting has been scheduled for Nov. 7. Here are the members of the task forces:

Keith Chamblin NTRA (coordinator)   
Bob Curran Turf Publicists of America     
Sue Floyd Magna Entertainment    
Jim Gluckson Breeders' Cup     
Ben Haggin NTRA   
Mike Mooney Hollywood Park 
Bill Nader New York Racing Association    
Jody Powell Powell Tate    
Chris Scherf Thoroughbred Racing Associations       
Karl Schmitt Churchill Downs
Mike Tanner Gulfstream Park
Chip Tuttle Conover Tuttle 
Eric Wing NTRA   
Stewart Zanville Santa Anita Park
Greg Avioli NTRA (coordinator)
Alan Foreman Thoroughbred Horsemen's Associations   
Ed Hannah Magna Entertainment    
Pat Kehoe NYRA   
Roger Licht California Horse Racing Board  
John Roark National HBPA  
Michael Shagan Consultant     
Julian Solotorovsky Consultant     
John Van de Kamp Thoroughbred Owners of California      
Alex Waldrop Churchill Downs
Harvie Wilkinson Keeneland Association  
Ken Kirchner NTRA (coordinator)  
Paul Berube Thoroughbred Racing Protective Bureau  
Bobby Birch The Jockey Club Information Systems    
Bob Bork Sam Houston Race Park  
Tom Caseragola New York State Racing and Wagering Board       
Jim Gallagher New York Racing Association    
George Haines Santa Anita     
David Haydon InCompass      
Pat Mahoney Calder Race Course     
Rich McNutt Television Games Network    
Ted Mudge Magna Entertainment    
John Reagan CHRB  
John Walzak Ontario Harness Horse Association