to charge subscription fee will begin charging a subscription fee to some of its customers within the next 30 days, chief executive officer Chuck Champion said on Tuesday.

The decision was made after an internal study revealed a number of Youbet customers were using the Web site for information and audiovisual services but were not placing wagers through the system. Customers that do not place wagers through will now be charged a monthly fee. Discounts will be available based on wagering activity.

"The introduction of subscription fees is an appropriate means to address the expenses we incur when customers use our facilities for information and audio-video access but place their wagers through other, often unlicensed channels," Champion said.

"Our best customers will continue to receive our content and services for free, and with the removal of non-revenue generating customers, we will be able to devote more of our resources to maintaining our leadership as the best online information and wagering resource for high-end racing fans."