New Tote Security Measures Announced

The NTRA's wagering technology working group on Friday called for three intitial, concrete steps to improve electronic wagering security in an effort to increase customer confidence. The steps will be implemented immediately by Churchill Downs, Magna Entertainment, and the New York Racing Association, as well as by the three largest totalisator companies. Other racetracks and off-track wagering operators were expected to sign on as well.

Each tote company involved with any NTRA-affiliated racetrack or off-track wagering entity will install, within three-four weeks, the software necessary to scan all wagering pools in connection with multi-race wagers after each race of the wager.

Also, each account wagering operator authorized to conduct wagering by any NTRA-affiliated racetrack will install the necessary software to record account wagers via telephone made through its system, by interactive voice response or touch tone means.

The third step is that any winning simulcast wager involving multiple-leg bets will be reviewed by the relevant racing organizations. And wager deemed irregular or questionable will be thoroughly reviewed with supporting detail provided by the tote company or companies involved to the management of the host track.

"The measures being recommended are initial steps to improve electronic wagering security and increase customer confidence," said NTRA commissioner Tim Smith.

In addition, the systems security unit of Ernst & Young has begun an expedited assessment and testing process of horseracing's electronic wagering security.