Class Action Suit Coming Against Autotote

A national class action lawsuit for negligence will be filed Wednesday against Autotote Systems Inc. by a Southern California law firm on behalf of professional pick six player Jimmy "Jimmy the Hat" Allard.

The suit will claim Autotote was negligent in allowing its wagering software to be manipulated over the past eight years, which may have resulted in bettors being cheated for millions of dollars. It claims the recent guilty plea for fraud by former Autotote software engineer Chris Harn for his role in the Breeders' Cup Ultra Pick 6 scandal is just the first time fraud at Autotote has been caught.

Autotote officials acknowledged the pending lawsuit Monday but would not comment.

A press conference is scheduled for Wednesday in Washington D.C. Southern California law firm Lisoni & Lisoni will discuss the suit, as will Allard. Among the topics to be touched on is how the alleged improprieties by Autotote occurred and the economic impact the Breeders' Cup scandal has had on racing.