Aussie Trainer Suspended in Jockey's Death

Australian trainer Steve Wolfe was suspended for two years for improperly administering a drug to the horse that collapsed and killed the brother of champion jockey Damien Oliver.

Wolfe admitted allowing Savage Cabbage to race with a prohibited substance in its system.

Jason Oliver, 33, was riding the 2-year-old colt in a trial at Perth's Belmont Park on Oct. 28 when the horse broke its leg. The horse collapsed on the rider. Oliver died the following day from head injuries.

Savage Cabbage had the banned substance phenylbutazone, a drug commonly used as an anti-inflammatory treatment, in its system, a stewards' investigation found.

Evidence suggested that showed Savage Cabbage was suffering from shin soreness when he contested the trial.

Wolfe told the inquiry he had instructed his partner Maureen Kaye to give 20 milliliters of phenylbutazone to the horse five days before the race as treatment for a swollen leg.

However the Australian Racing Forensic Laboratory's official analyst, Allen Stenhouse, told the inquiry that the drug would have to have been administered two days before the trial.

A spokesman for Wolfe said he is likely to take the ban to an appeal tribunal.