Man o' War Slept Here!

Man o' War Slept Here!

Suzie Picou-Oldham

Goodman Buys Man o' War's Former Home

Greg Goodman has purchased the former home of Man o' War, Faraway Farm near Lexington. Goodman plans to rebuild the barn that housed the stallion and his breeding shed, and add the acreage to his Mt. Brilliant Farm. Mt. Brilliant, once owned by Louis Lee Haggin, is contiguous with Faraway Farm.

Goodman paid $2,122,703 for the 372-acre property. He purchased it from Kay Jeffords, the widow of Walter Jeffords Jr. Faraway, along with what is now Man o' War Farm, was once owned jointly by Samuel Riddle, who raced Man o' War, and Walter Jeffords Sr. In 1946 they divided their approximately 743 acres into two tracts (Riddle's wife was an aunt of Jeffords).

In addition to the stallion barn and breeding shed, Faraway includes an equine cemetery and a number of broodmare barns. The broodmare barns will be replaced.

"Man o' War's stallion barn is in bad shape, but we're going to fix it up and restore it to the way it was when he was living there," said Goodman. "The door to his stall is still in the barn with his name on it. I probably won't put a horse in it. I'll probably just have it as a monument to Man o' War."

Goodman is working with the University of Kentucky Department of Historical Preservation to document the old broodmare barns, and research and restore the stallion barn and breeding shed to their original condition.

"It's going to be a beautiful addition," Goodman said.