NTRA Wagering Technology Group Meets

The National Thoroughbred Racing Association's Wagering Technology Working Group met Thursday afternoon via teleconference to review several ongoing projects.

The group discussed the wagering review sub-committee's work to date and recommended the results of its detailed review of consolation tickets (e.g., five of six winners) in connection with the Breeders' Cup Ultra Pick Six be shared with the Illinois Racing Board.

In addition, the group considered additional security enhancement steps under review by the Thoroughbred Racing Association's 20/20 committee and agreed that these items (e.g., uniform industry "cancel delay" policies) should be added to the scope of the group's work.

The group also discussed:

o Ernst & Young's initial review of totalisator system security.

o The review by a sub-committee of the group of selected 2002 Pick Four and Pick Six wagering transactions.

o The implementation of previous recommendations for initial steps to improve wagering security (e.g., progressive scanning of wagers).

o Formation of the NTRA Wagering Integrity Alliance and the involvement of Giuliani Partners in connection with all of the above.

o The Working Group reviewed and endorsed the recommendation of Giuliani Partners for a series of interim public reports on findings and recommendations of the system security studies now underway. A schedule for these reports will be developed in the near future.