Broadcast of U.S. Races in Britain Goal of Companies

The wagering and broadcasting company attheraces has signed an agreement with United States-based The Racing Network international to work together to enhance the acquisition, development, and production of U.S. racing on the attheraces interactive digital television channel in the United Kingdom.

All U.S. racing broadcast in the United Kingdom will be produced by attheraces in association with TRNi. The agreement extends to any other digital TV platforms on which attheraces may be broadcast in the future.

Said Ian Hogg, chief operating officer of attheraces: "We are delighted to be working in partnership with TRNi to maximize the value of U.S. racing here in the UK. TRNi has an excellent record of investing in and developing U.S. racing coverage in the UK, and we are looking to benefit from their expertise.

"From March, we will be bringing an average of 50 U.S. races into the UK every evening of the week with betting directly into the U.S. tote pools being available, via our interactive TV application. It also makes business sense to pool our resources in order to improve our respective racing and wagering services on both sides of the Atlantic. Fundamentally, this is good for both U.S. racing and UK racing in the long term."

"Our prime focus is to promote U.S. racing into the international marketplace," said Bill Hogwood, president of TRNi and an executive with Greenwood Racing in Pennsylvania. "Over the last two years, we have established U.S. racing in the UK market. I see the agreement with attheraces as a continuation of that development.

"We will work with attheraces and our wagering partners in the UK to make U.S. racing the major evening product that supports and supplements their live UK racing coverage. It will also give me great pleasure to continue working to establish UK racing in the U.S. market. The revolution in technology will enable horseracing to become a major international sport with worldwide television coverage supported by sophisticated interactive wagering systems."